The Hate Is Real

The techie hate in the Mission has been getting intense lately. Every day I see wheatpastes and graffiti decrying techies. The new condo buildings in my neighborhood (especially the "V20" condos at 20th and Valencia, and the Vida SF building near 22nd and Mission) constantly have the front windows smashed in. For more than a week now there's been graffiti on the sidewalk in front of my building saying "Warning: Hot Rental Market, Controlled Burns Scheduled". Recently [Prop I](,Proposition_I(November_2015)) was on the ballot, which, if passed, would have banned nearly all new market-rate housing in the Mission while the city developed a "neighborhood stabilization plan". Today I was at Four Barrel and someone had dripped this dark thick paint over all of the sitting surfaces so that if you sat there you'd get paint on your clothes. There wasn't a message clearly attached, but I think it's pretty obvious to anyone who lives in the area why that shop was targeted.

It's kind of crazy living in a neighborhood where I'm targeted with this kind of hate. It's surreal that there is graffiti outside my building implying that arsonists are going to burn it down. It's surreal that graffiti like this isn't immediately buffed by the city.

I don't have any intention to move. In fact, it seems likely that I will buy property in this neighborhood in the event that my current employer has a liquidity event in the next few years.