Pyflame Packages

This post is just a quick project update about the state of Pyflame. For those of you who don't know, I left Uber a few months ago. Uber has graciously given me admin access to the original Uber-branded Pyflame GitHub repository, and I am still maintaining the project there.

Recently I've spent some time trying to get Pyflame packaged for more distros and Python environments. The goal is that you shouldn't have to build Pyflame from source unless you're actually doing Pyflame development.

RPM Packages

If you use Fedora, you can get RPMs by enabling my Pyflame COPR:

$ dnf copr enable eklitzke/pyflame
$ dnf install pyflame

I need to update the spec file a bit to work with CentOS/EPEL; once I finish doing this, I'll enable EPEL builds (which work with CentOS). I am going to start the process of getting this officially imported into Fedora again, hopefully for Fedora 28.

Debian Packages

A Debian directory has been in the Pyflame repository for some time now. To build a Debian package:

# Run this from the root of your Pyflame checkout.
$ dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us

I'm not very well connected to the Debian community, but I would like to get Pyflame added to Debian. If you want to help me, send me an email.


If you use Anaconda, you can get my Pyflame build using the version I packaged for conda:

$ conda install -c eklitzke/pyflame

I'm trying to get this added to conda-forge.