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About Me

This is the personal website of Evan Klitzke. I am a software engineer living and working in San Francisco. Mostly I use this space to talk about topics I find interesting in software engineering, but there are other subjects here as well.

I've been working as a software engineer at Uber since 2012. My current work focus is on Uber's software networking and RPC stack, but I've had my hands all over the Uber backend. I've written a few posts for the Uber Engineering Blog:

Previously I worked at Yelp and Google.

My computing interests include: x86 assembly hacking, Unix/Linux, Linux kernel internals, operating systems, databases, database internals, virtual memory, high performance socket programming, Emacs, functional programming, shell scripting, open source software, and ham radio.

Some of my personal interests include: motorcycles, aviation, bicycles, mechanical watches, music production, and economics.

If you'd like to send me email, you can reach me at: evan /at/ eklitzke /dot/ org

Open Source

My username most places is eklitzke, including on GitHub. Some of the things I maintain there are under different organizations, including Pyflame.

I tend to lurk in some Debian and Fedora channels on the OFTC and Freenode IRC networks; my IRC nick is eck.

You can download my ASCII-armored GPG key; or if you prefer a fingerprint:

pub   4096R/66C2C90E 2016-10-19 [expires: 2019-10-19]
      Key fingerprint = FA77 DE42 0269 C87A E22E  7FC6 623B E6A8 66C2 C90E
uid                  Evan Klitzke 
sub   4096R/BD046F7A 2016-10-19 [expires: 2019-10-19]


This site was proudly written using GNU Emacs on a GNU/Linux laptop running Fedora. The site is generated as static HTML, using a bunch of weird Python code of my own design. It's served using nginx, and the SSL certificate is from Let's Encrypt.