About Me

This is the personal website of Evan Klitzke. I am a software engineer living and working in San Francisco.

My computing interests include: Unix systems programming, C++, x86 assembly, Linux internals, kernel programming, socket programming, machine learning, databases, small data, imperative programming, goto statements, shell scripting, the GNU project, and free software.

My non-computing interests encompass many aspects of hipster culture: motorcycles, bicycles, tattoos, graffiti, burritos, coffee, collecting music, ironic detachment, and subverting the state. I also have a deep love of the English language, including word puzzles.

me in real life
What I look like when I'm not on the internet.

Online Presence

My username most places is eklitzke. Some places you can find me online:

If you find the content on my site interesting, consider following me on Twitter, as I usually tweet links to new blog posts.

I enjoy talking to people about my writing, answering questions, and generally discussing interesting computing topics. The best way to contact me about anything that can’t be condensed to 140 characters is via email. My email address can be found on the footer of this site.


This site was proudly written using entirely free software: GNU Emacs on a GNU/Linux laptop running Fedora. I am gracious to use an SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt.